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Disk Encryption with a Custom KMS Key

AWS ParallelCluster supports the configuration options ebs_kms_key_id, which allows you to provide a custom KMS key for EBS Disk encryption. To use it you’ll need to specify a ec2_iam_role.

In order for the cluster to create, the KMS key needs to know the name of the cluster’s role. This prevents you from using the role created on cluster create, requiring a custom ec2_iam_role.

Creating the Role

First you’ll need to create a policy:

  1. Go to the IAM Console:
  2. Under Policies, create a policy, click the JSON tab
  3. As the policy’s body, paste in the Instance Policy Make sure to replace all occurrences of <AWS ACCOUNT ID> and <REGION>
  4. Call it ParallelClusterInstancePolicy and click “Create Policy”

Next create a role:

  1. Under Roles, create a role
  2. Click EC2 as the trusted entity
  3. Under Permissions, search for the ParallelClusterInstancePolicy role you just created and attach it.
  4. Name it ParallelClusterRole and click “Create Role”

Give your Key Permissions

In the IAM Console > Encryption Keys > click on your key.

Click “Add User” and search for the ParallelClusterInstanceRole` you just created. Attach it.

Creating the Cluster

Now create a cluster, here’s an example of a cluster with encrypted Raid 0 drives:

[cluster default]
raid_settings = rs
ec2_iam_role = ParallelClusterInstanceRole

[raid rs]
shared_dir = raid
raid_type = 0
num_of_raid_volumes = 2
volume_size = 100
encrypted = true
ebs_kms_key_id = xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

Here’s an example with EBS:

[cluster default]
ebs_settings = custom1
ec2_iam_role = ParallelClusterInstanceRole

[ebs custom1]
shared_dir = vol1
ebs_kms_key_id = xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
volume_type = io1
volume_iops = 200