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Shows the jobs submitted in the cluster’s Job Queue.

usage: awsbstat [-h] [-c CLUSTER] [-s STATUS] [-e] [-d]
                [job_ids [job_ids ...]]

Positional Arguments

job_ids A space separated list of job IDs to show in the output. If the job is a job array, all the children will be displayed. If a single job is requested it will be shown in a detailed version

Named Arguments

-c, --cluster Cluster to use
-s, --status

Comma separated list of job status to ask, defaults to “active” jobs. Accepted values are: SUBMITTED, PENDING, RUNNABLE, STARTING, RUNNING, SUCCEEDED, FAILED, ALL


-e, --expand-children

Expand jobs with children (array and MNP)

Default: False

-d, --details

Show jobs details

Default: False